All About Restaurants

  • The Perfect Wallpaper for Your Restaurant

    By on 14th February 2024

    As a restaurant owner, you will always be looking to create a unique dining experience to get more customers...

  • The Discreet and Swift Solution: Snus at Restaurants

    By on 7th December 2023

    When it comes to attending to your nicotine cravings without raising eyebrows at any eatery, snus stands out as...

  • At The Restaurant? Curb The Smoking Urge With Nicotine Pouches

    By on 23rd October 2023

    You may often find yourself stuck at the restaurant, on a date, during a business meeting or just some...

  • A Restaurateur’s Guide to Choosing Picture Frames

    By on 20th December 2022

    Dining is not always about food. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to share insights, enjoy a special occasion, or strike...

  • Restaurant Regulations

    By on 13th April 2019

    Across the world, there is a substantial variation on how restaurants are regulated. In developed countries such as the...

  • Michelin Stars

    By on 11th November 2018

    Awarding Michelin stars is a rating system which is applied to restaurants which are deemed to be of very...

  • Early Restaurants

    By on 28th October 2018

    While we might think of going out for dinner as a modern concept, and the way in which we...

  • Eating Out; Behind the Scenes

    By on 7th October 2018

    When we go out to eat, we often think it is as easy as showing up, ordering our food...

  • The Restaurant Economy

    By on 27th September 2018

    Restaurants have proved themselves as a successful and enduring business model, having been around for thousands of years. In...

  • Starting a Restaurant

    By on 18th April 2018

    Despite the success story that the restaurant business tells overall, starting a new restaurant can be a challenging and...