A Restaurateur’s Guide to Choosing Picture Frames

A Restaurateur’s Guide to Choosing Picture Frames

Dining is not always about food. Sometimes it’s an opportunity to share insights, enjoy a special occasion, or strike a business deal. So if you are tasked with decorating (or redecorating) a restaurant, ensure you get everything right.

Pictures say a lot about your restaurant. Assuming you already have wall art pieces in mind, creative picture frames also go a long way in creating a restaurant-appropriate backdrop. While personal tastes and subjectivity greatly inform framing choices, here are some basic considerations to get you started.

Choosing the Right Frame for Your Artwork

Frame choices are practically endless. However, since art pieces and picture frames are always viewed together, they should complement each other. A poor choice risks robbing the artwork of its presence or possibly overpowering it. Here are some considerations to make when choosing restaurant picture frames.


Location plays a key role in picture frame selection. The frame should fit not only the picture, but also the setting. For instance, natural wood tones can be ideal if your restaurant features a rustic setting.


Metal or wood? It would be best if you always started with this question when considering the choice of material. Wood, in particular, has a long history in the framing industry with various profiles that cater to diverse interior design preferences. However, if wood grain and texture do not reverberate with your eatery’s d├ęcor, you can always explore some metallic finishes.


The frame’s size often significantly influences how people perceive your framed art. Size isn’t just about the artwork’s dimensions, but also the frame’s. Wider frames inject some presence into a large piece, offering a decorative accent. Thin frames, however, draw attention straight to the print.

Of course, picture frames and decor greatly contribute to your restaurant’s appeal. Ensure you create a feast for the eyes before serving your guests!

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