Making a restaurant into a relaxing space

Making a restaurant into a relaxing space

Food is of course the first thing that most people think of when they are comparing one restaurant to another but the decor and atmosphere of a dining establishment can be just as important. This is why restaurant owners spend a lot of time and energy choosing the furniture and decor for their eatery as well as designing the menu. Thankfully, this type of thing needn’t break the bank and there are plenty of ways of designing a unique and memorable restaurant environment on a budget. Here are a few of our favourite ideas.

Consider covers and fabrics

The right cover can brighten up even the most day-to-day piece of furniture and give it a new lease of life. This is why many companies now specialise in covers for common furniture items. For example, restaurants can choose from a wide variety of Ikea Söderhamn sofa cover options if they want to give this popular piece of Swedish design a bit of a makeover. The covers are available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics which can give totally different looks. It’s even possible to buy a number of different covers and change them as the seasons do to give the restaurant a new look every few months.

A little paint can make a big difference

Coloured feature walls can be a great way of keeping a restaurant bright and fresh on a limited budget. The fact that only one wall needs to be repainted or recovered in order to totally change the look of a restaurant makes any changes much cheaper to implement. It’s also possible to use this space in another way, for example starting collaborations with local artists or filling it with photos of regular customers to create a sense of community in the restaurant. A space like this makes it easy to try new ideas regularly and keep a space feeling fresh and modern.

The key to getting the decor of a new restaurant right is experimentation and a desire to be bold. Even the most experienced restaurant owners probably didn’t get everything right the first time that they opened for business. Being patient and willing to learn from mistakes makes it much easier to build a great reputation and gradually turn any restaurant into a space where local people want to hang out and be seen.